Trojan Takeout

Mobile Ordering

Download the Transact Mobile Ordering App

Trojan Takeout by Transact Mobile Ordering offers a convenient way for students, faculty, and staff to place mobile orders at their favorite retail dining locations on campus straight from their phones.Users can pay for their meals through the app with credit or debit cards as well as with Dining Dollars or Trojan Points.

Download the Transact Mobile Ordering App

• Apple or Android phones – go to the app store for your phone type & search “Transact Mobile Ordering” & download the app

• Choose between the “Trojan Takeout” icon or the generic icon (Android phones can only choose the generic icon)

• After the download, select “Troy University”

• Register with your Trojan ID number & password

How to use the Trojan Takeout Mobile Ordering App

• Tap on the app & select the location you want to place an order with. You can pay for the order using credit or debit cards as well as with Dining Dollars or Trojan Points

When payment has been finalized, you will see the number of minutes in which your order will be ready, the order number & a receipt on your phone with a QR code

• When you arrive to pick up your order, you must scan the QR code at the bar code reader in the proximity of the “Pick Up Here” sign. A staff member at the location will give you your order


Trojan Takeout can be used at select retail dining locations on the Troy University Campus beginning February 17, 2021.