Yes! It's a great value and it is Troy University’s policy that all designated campus residents purchase a meal plan each semester.

Trojan Points are cash values included in all residential meal plans and the Commuter Plus meal plan. Points work like a prepaid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. 1 (One) Trojan Point= $1. Please be advised that Trojan Points and meal swipes do not carry over to the next semester; students must use their meal plan each semester or forfeit the unused balances at the end of each semester.

Meal swipes and Trojan Points do not carry forward from semester to semester.  These must be used by the end of the semester in which they were purchased. Effective with the Fall semester 2020, unused Dining Dollars shall carry forward from the Fall to Spring semester for use in the same academic year, provided the student purchases the Dining Dollars meal plan for the Spring semester.  For those students, a 5% carry forward fee will be deducted from the unused Fall Dining Dollars.  Dining Dollars are valid until the last day of the Spring semester and all unused dollars will be forfeited. 

All meal plan changes must be made during the drop/add week of each semester. All changes must be requested through Student Housing at (334) 670-3346.

Yes! Please contact Student Housing at 334-670-3346 to purchase a Commuter meal plan.

The Trojan Dining Hall is closed during Spring and Fall/Thanksgiving Breaks. During that time, you are able to use your Trojan Points at the retail locations which are open.